Saturday, December 22, 2007

put your trust in allah

dear friend,

put your trust in ALLAH..

trust HIM and u able life with joyful..

with no worried,no sad and no confuse..

because ALLAH always be with u..

dear friend,

when u feel alone, say :
' innallahamaana '

when u feel evil act, say :
' inni akhafullah '

when u wishing something, say :
' faiza azamta fatawakkal alallah '

when u missing somebody, say :
' ma fi qolbi ghoirullah '

dear friend,
now u see ALLAH always be with u..
without ALLAH love ur days are :

:: sad day
:: moan day
:: tears day
:: waste day
:: thirst day
:: fright day
:: shatter day

so we need ALLAH loves everyday..

dear fiend,
now u see ALLAH still always with u..

then,how u can leave ALLAH love and take HUMAN love?

there is no love among mujahid&mujahidah b4 marry..
lets understand,
islam is not forcing but preventing

if u love someone now,
keep it in deep of ur heart
let make it ur dream and desire
put ur trust in ALLAH,
im sure dat
it can be one day..

1 comment:

Nasyeed said...

yes that right!Allah first,Rasullullah second and then jihad fisabilillah.....nice blog and good info.May you will be a good muslimah....